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Fun Fact: Only a few countries have heroes

This may surprise many to know that National Heroes are not a very common thing. An individual must display an immense amount of character and selflessness to be considered a hero. These heroes are sometimes even more important than political counterparts and even more loved by their people for generations to come. Jamaica is one such country, a small island that has produced so many great men and women, it is often faced with extreme racism and drawbacks, because if the island’s continuing world renown talent. Though only a few pictured on this board, (with the exception of Michael Manley), Jamaica has ha total of Seven National Heroes.

Let’s Play! What’s Included?

Yes, it’s time to play and you’ll be delighted to know that everything needed to get started is already included in the box. A total of 16x game pieces (4x for each player/corner), 2x Dice, 1x Manual, 1x Carrying Bag and the 24in x 24in Game Board.

In less than a minute, you can start your first game on your new board. If you’re a beginner, the manual should take 2-5 minutes to review and you can begin your first game. Gather round and throw the dice. Be sure to set the rules of the game before you begin. Once you start, new rules cannot be added or removed!

Everyone can enjoy Jamaican Ludo!

Kids, Teens and Adults are sure to have unlimited fun

That’s right! Everyone in your home can enjoy and share unique memories with Jamaican Ludo board games. Kids as small as 3+ quickly learn the game mechanics and excited to join in on the fun. The game can also be used as a learning tool in many aspects of life. It can show the difficulties faced along one’s life path, teach religious stories, or simply strategic game play.



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