About Us


Family time is a passion we hope to inspire for years to come! Before we started the JAMAICANLUDO™ brand, we carefully analyzed what was missing from the Caribbean family’s household. We’re so entangled in the world of work, school, electronics and distractions. We believe the dinner table should not be the only place where all family members enjoy quality time together. This is our why and our passion; to bring families and loved ones together for quality time and fun, enjoyable moments and memories.


Our vision is to build the best board games and become a household name. All our products are made so you can use your hands, eyes, smile, smirk, personality, and anything else you think will give you an edge to win. We provide a broad variety of products to ensure each and every one of our customers enjoy the essence of JAMAICANLUDO™. Our rounded approach comes from feedback, research and interaction with our customers.