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About Us

About Us

At Jamaican Ludo LLC, we pride ourselves in superior quality products and great customer service. From our support team all the way to our manufacturing team, we all listen to our customers. Our business is aligned to serve the needs of those who make our business possible; You the customer!


Our vision is to bring back quality family time. At a time when phones, tablets and TV consumes most of our free time, these also makes us anti-social, personally. A fun board game is the best way we know, to allow everyone to have loads of fun on a consistent basis, interacting with each other with every throw of the dice. You can use your hands, eyes, smile, smirk, personality, and anything else you think will give you an edge to win. We provide a broad range of products to ensure each and every one of our customers enjoy the essence of Jamaican Ludo. Our rounded approach comes from feedback, research and interaction with our customers.


We test all our products through each stage of the manufacturing process. We test our materials and ensure that they all meet rigorous standards before being shipped. As we grow and build our customer base, we will align ourselves better to directly handle shipments in the future. UPDATE: 2-4-2020 – We are aware of damaged boards as a result of shipping courier services and working diligently to rectify this issue.


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