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Madhubani: The Art Capital

Madhubani paintings are originated from the Mithila region of Nepal and India. Mostly practiced by women of the villages to decorate their huts made up of mud during the festive occasions. The art has been changing from the old times and nowadays the painting has been done on canvas, cloth, and paper. As the time […]

18 Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Hobbies

We teach our children many of the skills and experiences to prepare them for adulthood. Home education and some form of formal or academic education, together with a wide range of social experiences help our children grow in many ways. But what can we do to equip children with the unique skills and experiences that […]

Because Childhood Is Special

Long ago, when bedtime stories were read to little kids and Kindle did not exist, a man on a busy street brought his dream to fruition by opening what he thought was like any other toy shop. Little did he know that he would enrich several childhoods – that his enterprise would be an integral […]

The Gadget Addiction – How to Fight the New Menace!

At Gurukul The School, under the leadership of educationist, Mr. Gaurav Bedi, we are committed to creating a healthy environment around the kids, which will allow them to creatively learn and develop holistically. As kids are plugged-in to an array of gadgets like TVs, tablets, social media, video games, and smartphones, etc., this can surely […]

Cluedo Vs Monopoly – Who Wins?

Are you the kind of person who’ll sulk if you’re not Colonel Mustard? Or will you do anything to get your hands on Park Lane? On a simple level, I’ve come to realize that the games we loved playing as children might reveal more about personality than we think. Last week a friend suggested a […]

Home Sweet Home!

He loves to be at home, almost deliriously. Home… sweet home! Some place where you follow the same delicious routine- everyday, day after day. His mother and sisters hovering around him, giving him mouth-watering meals at the appropriate hours-so religiously maintained! Precious moments at every step of the homely existence, sometimes with his father butting […]

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Board Game

When we think about board games, we usually relate them to good times with friends and family. However, in order to make the most out of your board playing experience it is important two take two basic factors into consideration. First, you must consider the age your group is in, and the type of board […]

Prehistoric To Playstation – A History Of Children’s Toys

Traditional toys and games have been a part of society and culture all over the world for thousands of centuries, possibly since the beginning of time. As long ago as 6000 B.C., we know of the existence of games similar to modern day chess. Babylonians in 4000 B.C. also played a board game similar to […]

Birthday Cakes for Kids: A Perfect Blend of Cuteness and Flavors!

Childhood is all about gorgeous and beautiful evocation memories. The astounding memories of the wonderful time spent with loved ones make life livelier. For kids, life is all about playing football, cricket, video games, ludo, and carom. Spending childhood with parents, friends, and dear ones is what makes kids happy in life. Being parents and […]