where can i buy a jamaican ludi board

If you’re from the caribbean, you’re bound to know what a Ludo Board is. You’re eventually going to ask yourself “where can i buy a jamaican ludi board?”. While you can take your chances at other online shops like ebay or google adverts. You’ll find the style and finished product often lack creativity, finish and often heavy. 

Jamaican Ludo LLC is a company completely dedicated to making professional, durable and relatively light-weight Caribbean Ludo Boards. With an abundant selection, you’re sure to find a board that suits your needs. 

You can find basic boards with simple designs, to complex designs for a more trendy or traditional look. And while you will find others who try to mimic their designs, none will be quite like the authentic boards you receive. You also get all accessories, a manual, and even a storage bag with their latest offerings. Boards weigh around 4lbs and easy to carry wherever you wanna go.

Take a look and get yours before they run out. Last season they were out of Original boards for a whole 6 months due to covid!


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