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Despite calling out an unnamed “artiste” from her Romeich Entertainment camp yesterday, Shenseea says she’s not beefing with any Jamaican artists.  The Dancehall star has also addressed speculation about her working relationship with her former manager, Romeich Major, now that she is signed to Lebanese-Canadian record executive Wassim ‘Sal’ Slaiby.

During an Instagram Live yesterday, Shenseea was joined by Ding Dong (one of the other two main artists that belonged to the camp), where she told her fans that, “I don’t have no feud with no artists, so nothing nuh deh deh fi address about that.” She continued, “Cause I made a don’t even know who mi a talk about..bro what (laughs)..yall don’t know who I’m even talking about like honestly. You have no clue who I’m talking about.”

In the since-deleted Tweet, Shenseea wrote, “Artiste vex over me because me deh a RomeichEnt when dem come ya come see me! Joke dis! How me fi invite you a MY house and you wa try kick ME out.”

Fans immediately speculated that it was aimed at the Up Top Boss TeeJay, who joined Romeich Entertainment three years after Shenseea, before leaving the camp earlier this year.  TeeJay has recently been throwing shade of his own regarding issues surrounding a new collaboration that he’s about to release with Jada Kingdom — Shenseea’s former rival.

Following the Live, and while on the way to Romeich Entertainment headquarters, Shenseea shared a clip of herself vibing to Spice and Vybz Kartel’s Romping Shop, seemingly to bolster her point to fans that she had no beef with the Queen Of Dancehall, or anyone else.

Spice and Shenseea had unfollowed each other on Instagram earlier this year, while Spice has publicly called out Shenseea’s former manager for a failed collab between the two artists.

Now at Romeich Entertainment in Kingston, Shenseea spoke with the Jamaica Observer and revealed that she will still be working closely with Romeich Major now that she is signed to Slaiby, who also manages The Weeknd, Doja Cat, Diddy, Rvssian, and several other international musicians and producers. 

“We are still a work in progress. He (Slaiby) just came on board officially, but he’s been working behind the scenes. We’re trying to see how compatible we are with each other,” she told the Observer.

“This is a joint team effort and I am very loyal. I will still be working closely with Romeich Entertainment, I have my old team and a new team,” she added. “I feel like I’m starting over, but with experience, but on a bigger level.”

Shenseea also revealed that she no plans to leave Jamaica, but will continue to travel and network overseas as part of her quest to be an international pop star.

“I’m in love with my country. I love Jamaica and I can’t leave. So, for me, where I am right now in my career, I am back and forth,” she told the newspaper.

The 24-year-old also dished on the moment that she met rapper Megan Thee Stallion at a BET After Party in late June.  “Megan Thee Stallion! I walked into her party and she literally came from across the room and said, ‘Yo, I love you and I support you’. Her greeting was really special to me because of how genuine and authentic it was. That was heartfelt to me,” she said.

Shenseea, Megan Thee Stallion

“Doja Cat has shown me a lot of love too. It’s just been going really well… I made a couple of them listen to the album and they love it. Everybody wants to get on a track! I’m just taking it step by step. When’s the time for a specific person, we’ll work it out,” she added.

Ty Dolla Sign, Doja Cat, Shenseea

Asked about her journey since her breakout hit Loodi with Vybz Kartel five years ago, Shenseea said “I’ve been so blessed. I would say there has been several highlights over the five years. I’ve been through so much. Honestly, me thank God for the journey because we have put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes.”

“I am looking forward to this new phase. I’m hysterical, I am right at the brink and I just need to break. It’s like, which song is gonna do it, when’s it gonna happen. It comes unexpectedly, you just never know. You just got to keep working hard for what is to come.”

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to become an international pop artiste. When I achieve mainstream success in the United States, is when I would have achieved my first goal. For the five years that we have been working, we have conquered Jamaica, the Caribbean, some parts of Europe, Africa, and the United Kingdom. I also want to act in movies and even have my music on the soundtracks of movies,” she continued.

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