How crucial are Indian, Pakistani voters in USA

The presidential election campaign in America is gaining momentum now. The remarkable thing is that this time the votes of people of India and Pakistan origin living in America will be crucial and will play a decisive role somewhere. This time, Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, whose mother was Indian and father is Jamaican, along with presidential candidate Joe Biden. Kamala is a graduate of Harris Law School. She has served as the City Attorney (Advocate) of San Francisco. The outstanding achievement is that she has also been the Attorney General of California. She is identified as an outspoken black leader in the US Congress Senate.

The Conservative Party recognizes Kamala’s strength, then questions her ‘black’ identity. Party says that Kamala is neither black nor of African descent. America has a large number of people of African descent. Kamla Harris can claim the Head of State’s post in the 2024 election if she is elected as Vice President and Joe Biden as the President of the United States of America.

The number of black voters in the US is said to be around 13 percent. However, Kamala’s achievements are more; we are talking about Indians and Pakistanis’ interest in the US presidential election. The relationship with India has been a mixed reaction of US President Donald Trump.

Comment on NRCPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to America and President Trump’s visit to India was also seen from the perspective that such strategic programs were conducted in both the countries from the point of view of elections. Nevertheless, it happened that these events raised hopes of Indians settled in America. Trump also gave similar hints. Then soon, Indian citizens, along with other foreigners, had floated despair due to measures to control their residence and jobs in America. Conservative attitudes towards Indians, especially Kamala Harris, were also no less worrying. During an event in Houston in September last year, Kamala even said that we want to tell Kashmir that they are not alone. We are watching the situation. Internet restrictions were then imposed in some parts of Kashmir.

He also spoke of equal human rights for all on the National Citizenship Register (NRC) in India. Kamala’s party soon had to be careful with such statements. In August this year, Presidential candidate Joe Biden did virtual programs for Indian and Pakistani citizens. The Trump camp is also working very cautiously in the case of Indians. The Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee claims that more than half of Indians can go to Trump than Biden. Indian supporters of Trump understand that America will always need India to pressure China.

1 million Pakistanis in AmericaDuring the Corona, Indians angry with the Trump administration policy regarding outsiders are now beginning to understand the times’ beauty. Due to President Trump’s strict policy towards the Muslim countries of the world, Hindus in America are seen leaning towards President Trump. It is natural to mention Pakistan in the discussion of Muslim countries. Kamala Harris’s association with Indian origin is a matter of debate among Pakistani citizens in America. On this basis, Pakistani-American Conservatives who may also be against Biden. However, there is only confusion in this matter. Some people are also angry with President Trump’s anti-Muslim image. They also want to see Trump’s stand on the Kashmir issue.

There are about one million Pakistani American citizens in America. If the general perception remains the same, most Pakistanis can vote for American Democratic Party candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Some Americans do not want to see the Pakistani presidential election based on the Kashmir issue and Palestine between India and Pakistan. They consider Trump a superior president in terms of the US economy, and international relations. 

Whatever it is, one thing is sure that about 13 percent of the total voters in the United States can play a decisive role. There are about 13 lakh Indian and 10 lakh Pakistani-origin voters among them.

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