11 things to do at home when it’s too hot to go outside

No one is disputing it – it’s been pretty damn hot lately, even by Jamaican standards! The tropical climes can be extreme as we all know too well – when it’s not raining due to a hurricane, it’s a heatwave.

Let’s face it, our beautiful Jamaica is hot year-round so we’re well used to the sun. And of course tourists come seeking it. Maiden Cay sounds like a good idea, but what if it’s actually too hot to be outside? Or maybe you just want a break from the heat, without lying in a dark room glued to your phone?

So what do you do?

With this homebound starter pack, at-home activities are about to become your favourite pastime. Here’s Loop’s list of 11 things to do in Kingston when it’s too hot to go outside.

1. Invite friends over for games day/night session. Popular games that are likely to be a hit include Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Kalooki, and ABC Fast or Slow (remember those?).

2. Get active, get nostalgic! Work up a sweat with indoor yoga/workout sessions, which may prove to be quite rewarding if you’re in for the long haul. You could also grab a box of elastic bands and loop them together to play Chinese skip, or pack a box of paper for a good ol’ game of Dandy Shandy (at least five friends needed).

3. Organise a Google Hangouts movie night with all your friends. There’s a range of films like Shottas, Dancehall Queen, Cool Runnings, Better Must Come, Third World Cop, or other cult classics that will never get old, and are sure to make movie night a hit. 

4. Start a new hobby. Google is at your fingertips and you can find several hidden talents you never knew you had.

5. Order in! Food is life, this is a no-brainer. Get authentic Jamaican jerk from Scotchies; Use take-out services like QuickPlate or Pekkish Food Delivery to order scrumptious meals.

6. Make a vision board! You will need scissors, glue, photos you admire, and your imagination. Be sure to include an AC unit, a beach bod, warm sunny days at the beach, and large water bodies.

7. Have some me time and soak away the heat with a bath. Potpourri bits, scented oils and your all-time favourite cocktail.

8. Give yourself, your aesthetician – and pockets – a break with a mani-pedi. All day every day please!

9. Make some rum-and-lemonade infused ice pops. As soon as the ice pops are frozen, the rewards are instantaneous.

10. Declutter… do away with the things you’ve been hoarding that you don’t need. And if you happen to leave the house, donating these items to the Salvation Army or Kingston’s number one thrift shop, Back on the Rack, is also a great idea.

11. Start an online course. There’s a range of free online courses you can get started on that include learning new languages and self-help tips on starting a new business.

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