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Twitter users joke about Chozenn’s gospel track

Gospel artiste Chozenn’s latest single ‘Jesus Name Mi Bawl Out’ has triggered much controversy since its release late last month.

The track, which is a remake of Dovey Magnum’s sexually explicit song, Bawl Out, has also been banned by LOVE FM, which is owned and operated by the National Religious Media Commission.

However, some social media users are making light of the situation with a host of hilarious memes with remakes of mostly Vybz Kartel songs namely Me Nuh Care, Loodie, featuring Shenseea and Freaky Gal Pt Two.

Using the hashtag #Chozenbelike before their reorganised lyrics, one user posted: “Me no care whe yuh bad from nor the hell whe yuh trod from, prayer make you fall like the bridge over London.”

Another posted: “Rock of ages, Juleen a weh you start me up fah. When pastor pray fi me, wata come a me yiy,” while another posted: “Me just a throw offering like loodie, that is what me doing with me salary and when the praises come dung, me feel groovy.”

Fast-rising deejay Laa Lee Rank’s hit single Watz On Sale was not to be left out as several Twitter users remade the popular line “cornflakes and gully water” from the song.

One of the remakes was “#Chozenbelike What’s on sale, what’s on sale, a wah she drink Olive Oil and Holy Wata.”


Although the lyrics of Chozenn’s song are sending a Christian message, the song has been dubbed a ‘miss’ by many, who believe the context of the secular track is way too raunchy for it to ever be ‘cleaned up’ and remixed as a gospel track.

In describing the song via YouTube, Chozenn stated that the track was recorded to win young souls for Christ.

The post read: “Naturally, this song will provoke emotions, but this move of God shows anything bad can become good. I am not an escapist, I strongly oppose escapism. The harsh reality social media, and television have poisoned the minds of our children. Rape, molestation, early pregnancy and so much more are sadly what is happening to our youth, Music is powerful, the core agenda is to target our youth and provide an option to what they’re hearing, in our taxis, buses, supermarkets, communities, and surprisingly our homes.”

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