Letter to the Editor: Delco council is spending money irresponsibly | Opinion

To the Times:

 The Democratic county council members have once again shown us their inability to manage and balance a budget.   Last week, county council approved over $2 million in election-related expenses.   Let’s address just a few of the outrageous expenses approved with our tax dollars.    

Council approved a $20,000.00/month salary for an “interim election director.” What county employee earns this amount?  Even our District Attorney and county judges receive a maximum of $14-15,000.00/month in salary.   

Council approved the hiring of a woman (friends with Councilwoman Elaine Schaefer, of course) to coordinate the move to a space that is being rented in Chester for election purposes. She is being paid $50,000.00 for 35 days of work.

Lastly, council approved the purchase of over $1.1 million in sorting and mail equipment related to the mail in ballots, which will not even be delivered until after the general election.  I could go on listing even more ridiculously outrageous expenses approved by council, but I think these three examples best outline the mismanagement of our tax dollars.

Jim Byrne, the lone Republican on the Election Board, is the only one speaking out against these expenditures.  I hope that all Delaware County residents remember this gross mismanagement when county council blames COVID-19 for the massive tax increases they will implement to handle their out-of-control spending.  I also urge the public to remember this when they go to the polls to elect county council members in the next election cycle.  Elections matter.  Local elections matter even more.  

Lindsey J. Conan, Esq., Media

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