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Democratic District Attorney candidate Jack Stollsteimer has received almost $75,000 from George Soros and lied about it, Delaware County Republican Party Chairman Thomas McGarrigle said as he called for an investigation into campaign finance law violations on the Democrat for another alleged $15,000 he received from the billionaire.

Stollsteimer is locked in a battle with Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun Copeland, a Republican, for the county’s top prosecutorial position.

“I cannot comprehend how Jack Stollsteimer can be a candidate for district attorney – the chief law enforcement officer of Delaware County – and flat out lie to voters about the campaign support he has received from George Soros,” McGarrigle said.

Through a $1 million donation, Soros established the Pennsylvania Justice and Public Safety PAC. Republicans say the only beneficiaries of this PAC have been Stollsteimer and the Delaware County Democratic Party.

On Oct. 24, Friends of Jack Stollsteimer reported receiving $36,149.71 from the Pennsylvania Justice and Public Safety PAC in campaign finance reports. A day later, another $38,900 in-kind contribution from the same PAC was reported and used for Stollsteimer’s polling. On Oct. 27, at a debate, Stollsteimer said, “George Soros has not financed my campaign.”

“Not only did Stollsteimer lie about the support he has received from Soros, he failed to fully report the extent of the financial support he received,” McGarrigle said. “I assume Stollsteimer didn’t disclose that Soros paid for his research because he didn’t want voters to know that his campaign talking points were provided by George Soros, the man responsible for getting Larry Krasner elected D.A. in Philadelphia.”

In addition, McGarrigle is called on the Delaware County Election Board to launch an investigation into Stollsteimer’s campaign for failing to disclose another $15,000 of in-kind contributions received from Soros. They include two in-kind distributions of $3,750 and another of $7,500 for campaign messaging.

Stollsteimer challenged the allegations.

“I challenge my opponent and her cronies to point to any evidence of paid communications spending by the Soros PAC on behalf of my campaign,” he said. “There’s not one TV spot, one mailer, one digital ad or one yard sign paid for by Soros that encourages voters to support me or oppose Kat Copeland. Meanwhile, the Copeland campaign has been the beneficiary of hundreds of TV ads and multiple mailers falsely attacking me that have been paid for two separate dark money PACs. The only people trying to buy this election are the Trump Republicans funneling nearly half a million dollars into this race on behalf of Kat Copeland.”

His spokesman, Trevor Maloney, said the GOP was the side accepting outside money.

“Once again, Republicans are using Trumpian tactics and are desperately lying to discredit our candidates and prop up their failing campaign,” he said. “The only outside group that’s spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in Delco is a pro-Trump dark money PAC based in D.C., which is shoveling dirt into the mailboxes and televisions of Delco residents.”

In monetary donations alone, Stollsteimer had most recently reported having $211,008.83.

Copeland spokesman Pete Peterson, however, underscored the Republicans’ claim and warned that Soros is very deliberate about his election contributions.

“Make no mistake,” Peterson said, “Soros is very careful about the candidates he invests his money in. He makes certain that the candidates he backs are going to implement the liberal policies he wants to put in place. If Stollsteimer wins, you can be sure that we are going to see the same type of policies in Delaware County that (Philadelphia District Attorney Larry) Krasner implemented in Philadelphia.

“Soros isn’t backing Stollsteimer because of his experience or qualifications,” Peterson continued. “He’s backing Jack because he’ll implement Soros’ liberal policies that place criminals ahead of victims. There’s a reason Stollsteimer is the only D.A. candidate in Pennsylvania that Soros is backing.”

Copeland’s spokesman said the Democrat has talked about changes he would make to the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office should he win.

“Stollsteimer has already promised to re-interview every prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office, which is exactly what Krasner did in Philadelphia when he let go seasoned, experienced prosecutors and replaced them with criminal defense attorneys,” Peterson said. “If Soros is successful in helping get Stollsteimer elected, we are going to see a significant shift, with a Stollsteimer-led DA’s office focused more on criminal defendants’ rights than the rights of victims.”

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