10 fun schoolboy memories of rainy days

When the purple thunderheads stack up in the sky overhead, many Jamaicans make nervous jokes about Arks, and conjure up fantastic reasons to tell their boss why they can’t make it to their place of employment that day. Kids love rainy days because it is often an excuse to miss school, but cabin fever can set in fast. 

Sure, nowadays, you can curl up with a great book or binge-watch an entire season of something, on Netflix but, when we were kids, we had to do different, fun things to do at home. Do you remember……


Despite being warned about the dangers of playing barefoot in the rain, it was among the most fun activities to look forward to after the downpour.

2. Making paper boats with candle wax and racing them in a nearby gully or waterway with friends

3. Chowing down on a meal of mackerel and dumplings with side servings of banana and yam. 

4.  Indoor Treasure Hunts with your parents. When your parents would zany hide things around the house for you to find.

Rain ball is the best version of football for natural born strikers where you find where even a shimmy and dropped shoulder can send your opponent skidding across a muddy field like an oiled up fat man across a slippery floor, and where the tackles are guaranteed to be epic and bone-crunchingly fantastic.

6. Remember when your grandmother would whip up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies, grater cakes, totos or a potato pudding as a bonafide cure for the rainy day blues. You can drink the cookies or rock cakes with milk or wolf them down right out of the oven.

Another surefire way to happily weather the storm is to play board games like Monopoly, dominoes and the age-old favourite, Loodi, and its variations like lock-pon-stop. Cue the teasings about who get heaviless and hornless and you have the perfect rainy day. 

8. Back in the day, rainy days were accompanied by power outages so there was no reason to stay inside. Remember riding your bike in the rain with your older male friends to look for girls in the adjoining community?

9. Playing dolly house with your female best friend in the closet of your parent’s bedroom. 

Back in the day, a lot of houses had leaks, so we spent a lot of time using a wide assortment of pots and pans to discover leaks in the rooms all over the house. Millennials won’t understand, but it was fun.

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