JN Money to host ‘I Love Jamaica Day’ in Cayman Islands

Caymanians are in for a treat on May 12, 2018 at Crowns Square when JN Money hosts “I Love Jamaica Day: Dweet fi di Likes”.

The event will take the form of a family fun-day/expo that will highlight key components of Jamaican culture. The JN Group has previously hosted ‘I Love Jamaica Day’ in the UK where it is a favourite among the Jamaicans there.

“We thought I Love Jamaica day would be a great concept to execute in Cayman as it is a good way to show our appreciation to our fellow Jamaicans on the Island,” explained Horace Hines, General Manager, JN Money Services Cayman.

“This event will give patrons a chance to experience  key elements of the Jamaican culture  all while providing general information about issues that may impact their lives.”

JN Money in a press release stated that it has partnered with the Jamaican Consulate and the Jamaica Diaspora Cayman Association to offer a wide range of services that patrons will be able to access at the event. Personal insurance, legal and finance information will be readily available to patrons, the firm said.

Patrons are also invited to take advantage of free health checks that will be available on the day.

There will also be a host of games and surprises throughout the day, such as domino and ludo competitions, dance-offs, a food village and a kiddies village, the manager stated. He added that, “Patrons can look forward to feeling as if they were in Jamaica at I Love Jamaica Day.”

Dancehall entertainer ‘Ding Dong’ is set to headline the evening concert that will close out the event. 

“We will be bringing the vibe to I Love Jamaica Day. Patrons can look out for a full blast of energy during the performance,” Ding Dong said.

“Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to Rave with me and the crew as we highlight Jamaica in Cayman.”


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