Mumbai Police Use ‘Ludo’ Meme to Spread Awareness about Coronavirus

Mumbai Police is completely savage when it comes to making memes and creative content. Be it during the recent coronavirus times or the normal traffic rules, the police department of Mumbai knows how to make its message reach the masses.

Ever since the coronavirus lockdown, the city police in Mumbai has been funny and informative memes. The latest one of all comes with a reference to everyone’s favourite indoor game these days – Ludo.

As we all know, Ludo has four houses in four different colours. Each player has 4 objects, which they have to move around and bring back safe to the HOME. With the reference of the ludo board, the police department placed coronavirus on different places on the board game, warning, “The Safest Place Is To Be In”.

“Game mein twist! #stayhometowin #GameOfLife #takingoncorona,” it captioned the picture.

As usual, the Mumbai Police was appreciated for the creativity, calling it the “best meme page on Instagram”.

This is not the first time when the city police have raised awareness using a meme. A few days, sharing a picture of Emma Stone as Hermione Granger from the famous Harry Potter series, the Mumbai police wrote, “You already know Hermione’s reaction if you step out unnecessarily during the lockdown. Just #StayHome magical folks of Mumbai to win ‘The Battle’ against corona #BattleOfMumbaikars”.

Here is a look at other memes from the Mumbai Police Department’s Instagram feed:

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