Resolutions to Make in the Year 2021

It’s a New Year, and what better than to start it with some new resolutions that you’ve been wanting to adapt in your life. In case you are confused about what to pick we have a few thoughts about the New Year resolutions.

1-Spread awareness about physical distancing

While the process of vaccine has begun worldwide against Covid-19, the virus still hasn’t vanished. You can pledge to spread awareness about maintaining physical distance in order to break the chain of spreading.

2-Prioritize health

The pandemic has brought a clear reality in front of us about how health is of utmost importance. So promise yourself to practice healthy habits; from food to working out, make your lifestyle healthy.

3-Pick up a hobby

While your job is very important and needs to be given time, do make time in the day to focus on a hobby for your personal growth and relaxation. It could be art, music, sports, or even meditation, anything that makes you feel connected with yourself and gives you some time off the screens!

4- Save and invest money

As the economy dipped drastically during the pandemic, the realisation of saving and investing money for future use came in the picture. Plan your finances wisely and study how you can invest it and make good returns.

5- Play more games

No, we don’t mean on the phone. Keep technology aside for some time during the day and connect with your family and friends over some games which require you all to sit together and interact. It could be indoor games like carom board, ludo, chess and other board games or outdoor games like badminton, tennis and throwball etc, whatever you like the most.

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