Tic Tac Toe, Nim, Ludo and Solitaire

Tic Tac Toe

For 2 players. Remove all pegs from play board. Each player takes a different color set of pegs and the player with the extra peg goes first. The players take turns placing one peg at a time on to the play board. The first player to place 3 pegs in a row in any direction wins. If all the holes are filled and neither player has 3 pegs in a row, the game is tied. Players take turns going first.


For 2 players. Pegs are placed in 10 holes of triangle. Players take turns removing 1 or more pegs from any 1 horizontal row. Player forced to take the last remaining peg losses. You may vary game by agreeing that player taking last peg wins.


Each player places his pieces at the starting point of the same color at the corner of the playing board. One has to throw a 6 to bring a piece into the game (arrow). One piece is played in a turn and advances as many points as eyes thrown. When a player arrives at a point already occupied by another piece, this piece has to return to its starting point. The player who succeeds first in bringing “home”his pieces wins the game. For that one has to throw the exact number needed.


For 1 player. Put the 32 pieces into the holes of the playing field. The hole in the middle stays vacant. You can only jump over a piece, if behind this piece there is a free hole. One may jump horizontally or vertically. No diagonal jumps or over a corner are allowed. Every piece jumped over is removed from the field. The object is to get as many pegs off the board as possible.

5 left = Okay

4 left = Good

3 left = Very Good

2 left = Excellent

1 left = Genius

1 left in center hole = Super Genius!

Source by Rocky Torres

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