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Job Title:  Warehouse Worker

Location: Lawrenceville, GA

Job Type: In-Person / On-Site

Description of basic functions and responsibilities:

To Participate in storage, loading, unloading, inventory and delivery of packages and to maintain related records and files as assigned.  Employees in this classification receive general supervision within a framework of standard policies and procedures. 

Supervisor:  Virtual

Typical Duties:

Stores and distributes materials, packages and supplies within the warehouse facility.

Inspects incoming stock/materials for conformity to purchase orders and packing slips

Reports undocumented/unordered shipments, shortages, and/or damaged items and goods to appropriate authority/Supervisor.

Fills orders and requisitions submitted by Supervisor; verifies quantities requested

Loads and unloads delivery vehicle

Picks up and delivers mail, and outgoing packages

Assists in maintaining records of requisitions, shipping invoices, running inventories, purchase orders, and deliveries related to warehouse inventory

Assists in the inventory of warehouse stock and inventory reconciliations

Operates delivery truck, and other warehouse tools and equipment

Assists in maintaining warehouse and related tools and equipment in a clean, safe, and orderly condition

Prepares and/or distributes incoming/outgoing mail; sorts, and stamps mail

Wraps, packs, logs, and otherwise prepares parcels and goods for shipping

Performs related duties as assigned.

Employment Standards

Possession of a valid and appropriate Driver’s License.

Knowledge of basic warehousing, storage, and distribution methods and procedures.

Knowledge of basic stock inventory procedures.

Ability to learn safety rules and regulations related to warehouse operations and equipment usage.

Ability to maintain accurate warehouse and inventory files and records as assigned.

Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written forms.

Ability to safely operate warehouse equipment to include delivery vehicle, computer, etc.

Ability to understand and follow both oral/written instructions and ask questions as needed.

Ability to read and write at a level required for successful job performance.

Ability to perform accurate arithmetic calculations using basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Ability to meet the physical requirements necessary to safely and effectively perform required duties.

Ability to lift up to 15lbs without injury or difficulty.

Ability to establish and maintain effective work relationships with those contacted in the performance of required duties.


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