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I am so frustrated with the Postal Service. I’ve had a package sitting at the United States Postal Service Regional destination facility in Philadelphia since March 9. Why can’t they just give it to me? I wish I could get down and get the darn package.



After a brief hiatus from writing sensible columns other than rubbish, Christine Flowers made a comeback and finally penned a superb column (April 15). People in positions of authority like cops, military personnel, priests, teachers, professors, should be thoroughly vetted for their temperament and psychological character. Thank you, Ms. Flowers, for writing on this subject. Sticking with the topic of mental illness, another reader, Tim Donovan, wrote a wonderful letter on this subject, published on the same day. Mental health shouldn’t be ignored and should be taken seriously. Just look at the atrocities that occurred with mentally ill people getting killed by ill-trained cops. Most cops join the force to do a good job. They should weed out the horrible ones so that all cops won’t get a bad rap.


To “Rich J. from Concord:” Your points about the risks CEOs take when taking a stand against states passing restrictive voting laws are correct. I am sure that those CEOs had the approval of their Board of Directors, and they felt that any negative repercussions were more than offset by supporting voting rights for everyone. Then you support your views with “The Big Lie” which has been proven numerous times to have absolutely no basis in fact! Time to move on, and, yes, the people ruled by a large majority!


I love that West Chester and the towns between it and Media want to re-establish commuter rail service. Many commuters, including university students and faculty, will benefit. However, this rail service should not be viewed as a panacea. I often traveled the R3 from Philly to West Chester in the 1980s, before SEPTA discontinued service. Back then, the rail bed was woefully in disrepair from years of neglect. Let’s say it was a slow ride. Thirty-five years later, rehabilitating this rail line will take a huge infusion of capital investment. It will be a boon to the contractors and the workers engaged to bring the West Chester line back to life, but let’s not kid ourselves. Somebody will have to pay for it.


“Rich J of Concord” says the new election laws must be created and enacted to preclude the travesty and fraudulent 2020 elections from reoccurring. That’s proof that “Rich J of Concord” is a complete imbecile. Anybody who still believes that the 2020 election was fraudulent is a moron. All the lawsuits has Trump filed produced not one shred of evidence to prove that the election was fraudulent and yet people like “Rich J” and all the other lemmings are still carrying on about that claiming the election was fraudulent and stolen from Trump. These people should have their right to vote taken away for being such complete nincompoops.


Headline: “Prosecutors: No charges for officer in Capitol riot shooting”. A Capitol Police Officer shoots an insurrectionist invading the Capitol of the United States through a broken door Jan 6, ’21. The woman dies. The Justice Department closed the investigation, no charges warranted. Our embassies around the world are guarded by U.S. Marines, the president and the White House are guarded by U.S. Marines, every one of our Naval ships are guarded by U.S. Marines. Brigs are guarded by U.S. Marines. So why isn’t the interior of the U.S. Capitol Building guarded by U.S. Marines? If on Jan. 6, the first domestic invaders of the Capitol were cut down as they broke into the building, the rest of the insurrectionists probably would have backed off. If you start a war against the United States, we should give you one! Be careful for what you wish! It might be granted.

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