Host of medals for Luton divers at double event

The East Region Age Groups team

Led by coach Stephen Hewat at the Age Groups event, Luton collected a total of 10 medals and numerous PBs.

The Girls Group C got the competition started on 1m with Lily Chandler claiming gold and silver for platform, while Olivia Wall was sixth.

James Pollard also picked up gold on 3m and Nat Connolly a bronze, both divers managing bests.

Luton’s divers who attended the Kent County Skills

The girls kept the momentum going during the Group B platform event with Katie Cripps taking home silver.

In the boys Group C and D, Max Hill, Oliwier Slinko and Joshua Bush took to the 3m board as all three secured podium places, Max and Joshua with gold, Oliwier a bronze.

The girls were still in action on 1m and didn’t disappoint, Katie Cripps winning gold, Grace Connolly taking silver, Chloe Hackett fifth with a PB of 202.40 and Isabelle Munns ninth.

By lunch-time on day two, Luton DC had won five medals, one gold, two silver and two bronze.

The first gold came from Joshua Bush in the 1m event along with a PB, while there was silver for Oliwier and Katie Cripps, with Grace Connolly and Max taking bronze, as both Isabelle Munns and Chloe Hackett claimed PBs.

In the platform event, LDC took on the 7.5m board, winning one gold, three silver and one bronze.

The competition drew to a close with Olivia Wall claiming a PB on 3m, Lily narrowly missing out on bronze and the boys securing two silvers for 1m.

In total, Luton DC claimed 22 medals with several of the divers having qualified for National Age Group Championships held later in the year, as coach Hewat said: “It was great work by all the team, there were super performances by all Luton divers.”

Meanwhile at the Kent County Skills competition, under coach Kirsteen Mitchell, the Girls E were first to dive, Sarah Brockie claiming bronze and Skye Fisher-Eames fifth.

In the Girls D, Luton continued the theme of monopolising the podium, with gold for Caitlin Maytham, silver for Lyra Guise Tucker and bronze for Hannah Brockie.

Tilly Rollinson and Hannah Cundell finished a respectable eighth and 11th place.

The Boys Group D saw Luton DC again take all three places on the podium with Jorden, youngest Group D diver, claiming gold, Alfie Whytock silver and Thomas Browne bronze.

Ludo Waterman continued the theme by narrowly missing out on bronze, finishing fourth in Boys Group C.

In the penultimate round, Girls Group C, Baye Cooke-Macdonald finished fourth Anna MacDougall 10th and Evie Hayes 11th.

Alliyah Omar also won bronze in girls Group B, as Mitchell said: “It was great to see divers achieving their national qualifying scores.”

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SEER Age Group team: Nat Connolly, James Pollard, Joshua Bush, Max Hill and Oliwia Slinko, Katie Cripps, Olivia Wall, Grace Connolly, Isabelle Munns, Lily Chandler, Chloe Hackett.

Kent County Skills team: Skye Fisher Eames, Sarah Brockie, Hannah Brockie, Tilly Rollinson, Hannah Cundell, Lyra Guise Tucker, Caitlin Maytham, Jorden Fisher Eames, Alfie Whytock, Thomas Browne, Evie Hayes, Anna McDougall, Baye Cooke-McDonald, Ludo Waterman, Alliyah Omar.

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