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To “Alan from Wallingford:” What’s your excuse for the insurrection, deaths and mayhem instigated in Washington by the worst president in American history?? Unfortunately, that’s only scratching the surface of his four years of ineptness and futility!



I see Joe Biden’s approval rating is only at 52% because some people are worried about the role of government. Well, I’ll tell you what. The role of government should not be long. It should not be to funnel money to the rich and corporations in this country. With Republicans we have had for the last 40 years. Joe finds the role of government is helping the country like with his stimulus package and with his infrastructure built. The infrastructure bill is going to help with roads, bridges, rails, etc. It’s going to put many people to work. The Republicans on the other hand think it’s better just to funnel money to the rich and that is not the role of government at all.


It’s good to see Biden still wearing a mask. Then he won’t be talking as much. Whenever he opens his mouth America suffers. He’s a poor excuse for a president and a poor excuse for a person. He’s so afraid of the left — Pelosi and Sanders. He’s afraid to talk about what he campaigned on even though there were only a few times he came out of his basement. Bottom line, he’s a liar. He needs a GPS to get around the White House. He’s a lost soul.


People who complained about Trump bashing in Sound Off, what about all the Biden bashing that’s going on now? People used to attack G.W. Bush and Obama, too, so there’s no escaping where presidents are concerned. In addition, they lump all the Democrats and Republicans and paint everyone with a broad brush. That’s how people are even though it doesn’t make sense. When a Democrat reigns, people think the country will turn to communism, the Second Amendment will be revoked, etc. It’s such a farce! With all the past Democrats we’ve had, has the country turned communist? Think about that. It’s sad and frightening at the same time to think we live among these hare-brains filled with cow dung.


To “Lies and More Lies:” Your statement is hilarious! I suppose you were sleeping for the last four years! Trump is the one that divided our country and Biden is just trying to overcome all of his wrong doings. So much more could be done if the Republicans thought with their brains and hearts instead of their wallets!


The older I get the less people realize where the food in grocery stores come from, especially meat. I’ve heard of schools out west that make it part of the curriculum for kids to plant and raise vegetables on school grounds. And then they get to benefit from their labor by eating them at lunch when they are harvested. What a great educational and environmental project for kids to participate in. Why don’t they do that here?


I saw a piece on the news about Radnor giving up the nickname Raider for their sports teams. I saw one girl who actually talked to Native Americans and agreed with getting another name. I saw three other people who were against getting rid of their name. When I was in high school the nickname of the sports teams of my school didn’t really matter a whole lot everybody. They more important things to worry about and apparently these kids are so immature they are throwing a hissy fit about having to give up the name Raiders. And of course Christine Flowers shows how immature she is by jumping on that bandwagon.


“Lies and More Lies” claims that Biden is dividing the country. More than Trump. You have to be a complete moron to say that. The country is definitely more united now than under Trump because the country is moving in a positive direction. They say Biden will destroy this country and they’re whining about Harris going to the border. This is the same right-wing trope we hear every day. It doesn’t affect anybody except the mindless right-wingers who actually believe that garbage.

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