Tech Tuesday: 21 virtual games for your next Zoom party

Do you find yourself downloading/playing more video games than usual?

The COVID-19 pandemic has casted a massive shadow on social life and camaraderie for everyone.

So much so it could be argued that this new norm is the new great divide.

But, optimists view this as an opportunity for growth, pushing forth the silver linings of the global devastation.

In a previous article Loop Lifestyle noted a few reasons to reconsider pulling your child’s video games, as we’d learnt of new developments from a recent video game vs positive mental health research.

Times are tough and there may not be a budget for video game consoles right now. So we opted for some virtual options.

While adults are hooked on deadlines for work and the kids are hooked on virtual phoenix, there remains a common thread: internet connection!

It’s important to note that virtual game rooms are not new, but is in high demand for pleasure-seekers much like every other pastime since COVID entered the chat.

Here are twenty family friendly virtual video games the entire family can enjoy…

Cards Against Humanity goes virtual with Remote Insensitivity pivoted into the virtual gaming sphere to present a plethora of games including Backgammon, Chess, Checkers, Go Fish and more.

If Remote Sensitivity is not your thing, gather a few friends on WhatsApp and head to the portal for more traditional card games.

Not JackintheBox,

Here’s a virtual platform that’s been around pre-pandemic.

Among the brain games that include Fibbage, Quiplash and Trivia Murder Party, the Jackbox Games or, for short, are perfect for the thinkers in the family.

The not-so-fun side effect is the cap on the number of participants; no more than eight players can share the experience in any one sitting.

But, if you’re of a larger family, the others can cheer from the sidelines while waiting their turn, the creators highly recommend this, especially in virtual settings.


Family game nights are known to get rowdy, and this Family Feud-style version is sure to raise some decibels.

Two teams of players go head to head in a shouting match in efforts to name the top ten scores in a particular category.

Think of the popular Steve Harvey-hosted ABC network staple, but on Zoom.

Other board games and virtual games 




Mario Kart Tour



Bingo Maker




Heads Up! — this one strictly involves your own stationery and screen time. Once everyone’s ready to go; let the game begin!



ABC, Fast or Slow


Snakes & Ladders


Most Likely To…

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