Guest Column: Why the Electoral College should be abolished | Opinion

Rachael Pinsley, Fifth grade teacher, Glenwood Elementary School

Do you know that five times in history the president who got elected lost the popular vote but won more electoral votes? You may figure out the Electoral College is not as good as it seems. The Electoral College excludes people. Another reason is that it gives electors too much power. Also, it gives some states too much power.  People say that we can’t abolish the Electoral College, but we are capable of doing so. We are a strong country, and there is no reason we can’t do it, so why shouldn’t we abolish the Electoral College?

Do you know who Howie Hawkins and Jo Jorgensen are? These are the two different candidates running for president other than Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the 2020 election! These people don’t get as many votes because of the Electoral College. They have no chance of winning, so most of the people don’t even know about these candidates! Most just see commercials or billboards of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This can be a result of many people not being heard for who they vote for or not being seen! One way it does this is by making some people feel like their votes don’t matter which stops them from voting. Like in 2012 only 54.9% of people voted! In 2016 only 55.5% of the people voted, that’s not a lot of change. This happens because the citizens feel like their votes don’t matter. If we got rid of the Electoral College more people would feel like their votes matter. That will definitely change how many people vote every four years. That is how the Electoral College excludes people and that is totally unfair.

 Have you ever had the thought that using the electors to vote is not fair to American voters. One reason is that the state’s winner gets all the electors. That means that some people think that their votes get ignored. In addition, electors are picked by the party and sometimes they don’t vote the way they are supposed to. Our last reason is that in the past, five presidents got elected with less votes than their competitors. For instance, in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton got 65,853,514 popular votes and Donald Trump with 62,984,828 popular votes. But Trump won the election because he had more electoral votes, getting 304 electoral votes and Hillary Clinton with 227 electoral votes. This act from the electors ignores the will of the people, and the will of the country.

Have you ever noticed that some states like swing states have more power than other states? Swing states have more power and that is not fair because then the candidates might just come to swing states more because they need their votes. Then the candidates might not even go to the other states to get their votes and that would be totally unfair to the other states. Some states have more electoral votes than others. That makes the people who are running for president to go to the states that have more electoral votes. Another reason is that small states have more power than big states. For example let’s take California and Wyoming, California takes 680,000 people to make 1 electoral vote while a vote in Wyoming takes 189,000 so that is why a vote in Wyoming is more a vote in California.  This is why we think the Electoral College gives some states too much power. 

  Have youever wondered if it would be hard to abolish the Electoral College? Well if you think about it, it’s not that difficult. One example is that we’ve completed world changing accomplishments in our time. Completing another big one may be  difficult and risky, but we can do it. As a matter of fact, here are some of the things we’ve done before. We created a stable government that we have up to this day. It was hard to abolish slavery, but we put an end to it, and that made a big difference. We’ve also done things like giving voting rights to everyone including people of color and women that made a big improvement because innocent people of any color were pushed around and were not treated equally. These are the many examples of how we’ve done amazing things in the past, just like how we can abolish the Electoral college. People might say it‘s hard to abolish the Electoral College, but we will never give up.

Now you know you know why we should abolish the Electoral College. So… let’s review our thoughts on why you should want to abolish the Electoral College. One, the Electoral College excludes people. In addition, using electors is not fair. Another reason is because the Electoral College gives too much power to some states. Some people think it’s too hard to abolish the Electoral College, but we know our country is strong enough to do it. As you know, there have been 5 times in U.S. history that the person who became president lost the popular vote which ignores the will of the people. The will of the people should never be ignored again!

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