10 actually fun board games to get you through the end of winter

Harry Potter: Battle For Hogwarts

I suppose IRL Quidditch has its charms, but I’ve never been able to deal with the fact that everyone playing looks like they’re galloping around on a hobby horse. And while I’ve heard good things about Harry Potter-themed Clue, I’ve yet to investigate it first-hand. I can, however, wholeheartedly vouch for Harry Potter: Battle For Hogwarts, a relatively new deck-building game inspired by the intricate and heartwarming universe of The Boy Who Lived.

You play as either Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Neville (or, with the expansion pack, as ethereal misfit Luna Lovegood). Gameplay is cooperative and kid-friendly, with seven card decks that smartly mirror the books, both in terms of which villains you’re up against, and in the way they grow incrementally more complicated and challenging. It’s all especially fun for Potterverse mega-fans, but it’s endearing enough to appeal to pretty much anyone, even those who couldn’t tell the Hog’s Head™ from the Three Broomsticks™. — Patrick D. McDermott

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