Call to Bar: Purple Touch keeps patrons coming back | Features

It is said that a drink and friendly company form a complete package for those seeking satisfaction, trying to lift their ‘spirits’.

One such location that provides that haven for a thirsty traveller is Purple Touch Bar and Lounge, which is nestled in the bustling business district along Brunswick Avenue in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

The popular location has a reputation as a very ‘special’ entertainment spot, because of the vibes that the patrons experience on each visit.

The bar came about due to the entrepreneurial mind of Jamie ‘Sexy Ann’ Rogers.

“I got into the business because of my association with party promotions. I always wanted a bar so in August 2015 it happened,” she said.

Rogers said that the name Purple Touch came from the popular children’s game 1-2-3 Purple Touch; the rest is history.

The well-stocked lounge is adorned with a plush seating area at the rear, a well-appointed bar area, and an airy outside setting for board games.

“Once you come inside Purple Touch, you always want to return. This is due to the great service that we offer at the location. We see all patrons as being very special,” Rogers said.

On a visit to the hub, the vibe was great, patrons drank, others played dominoes, while others lyme and enjoy the music on hand.

Rogers revealed that it was a daily occurrence for persons wanting to lift their spirits.

“The customers dem really like di Wray and Nephew Rum with Pepsi, Ting, Boom and even water. Some love the other liquor, but some just love the excitement of drink and excitement Purple Touch style,” Rogers said with a smile.

She said that her clientele is wide, with local residents, passers-by and others who try to get served in fine style daily.

Despite the many challenges that come with the business, Rogers said that it was the joy of service that makes it worthwhile for her.

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